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League Constitution

League Constitution

This combination of clubs shall be called The Berkshire League and shall consist of those amateur clubs determined by the League Committee. Players may not have played at a professional level during the 24 months prior to the start of the current season.

The objective of the League shall be the promotion, advancement and protection of the interests of cricket. It shall also buy custom term papers and uphold ECB directives.

The league shall be governed and administered by a Committee consisting of the Officers of the League, one repre- sentatives of the sponsoring body and not more than 10 others who shall be representatives of member clubs. The Of- ficers of the League shall be: Chairman, Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Results Secretary and Treasurer (no club shall have more than 2 members serving on the Committee). Each member of the Committee shall have one vote and the Chairman shall have a casting vote. No business shall be conducted by the Committee without a quorum of at least 50 per cent members being present.

The League Committee will meet at least three times a year and will be responsible for the administration of the League within the agreed rules, and will have the power to decide on any matter not provided for in the Constitution and Rules. The League Committee will elect an Executive Committee at its first meeting following the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers of the League and not more than four members of the League Committee, excepting that the Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members at their discretion. The Executive Committee shall deal with all urgent matters concerning umpires, grounds and general facilities and shall transact any business delegated to it by the League Committee. No business shall be transacted by the Committee without a quorum of at least 50 per cent of members being present.

The AGM will be held on the first Monday of December at a time and place to be decided by the Executive Committee. Notice of the AGM, together with an audited balance sheet and agenda shall be circulated 21 days before the date of the meeting. Proposals other than those related to changes in the League rules, shall be carried by a simple majority of those voting. Rule changes will require a two-thirds majority amongst those clubs voting. Voting shall be by post (or email) only, by a given date, prior to the meeting. If there is a majority of less than two-thirds a discussion and show of hands maybe taken at the meeting. Each member club may send representatives to a General Meeting but only one may vote. It shall be the aim of the AGM to elect a President who shall serve ex-officio and whose aim shall be to fur- ther the aims of the League and the game of cricket generally.

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at the discretion of the League Committee or on receipt by the League Secretary of a request by the Secretaries of five member clubs. Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting and its agenda shall be circulated to all member clubs at least 14 days before the date of the meeting. No vote or res- olution shall be carried with a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote. The rules governing voting and attendance at the AGM will apply. No other business except that indicated on the agenda will be dealt with.

The League will admit to membership any bona fide club whose entry is approved by the League Committee. Applica- tions for membership will be considered if they are accompanied by:

  • The names of two sponsoring member clubs together with letter of approval from those clubs.
  • An acceptable constitution. This must include provision for any outstanding debts on the winding up of the club.
  • A non-returnable application fee of £5.00 per team. Applications should be sent to the League Secretary, to arrive before the 1st July of the year preceding the proposed date of entry, if possible.

The League Committee has the power to expel any club. The motion for expulsion must be supported by two-thirds of the members present at the meeting.

All clubs SHALL affiliate to Berkshire Cricket Limited (or their local County Association).

Teams wishing to resign from the league shall give notice in writing by Registered Post or Recorded Delivery to the League Secretary before 1st July otherwise they shall be required to fulfil their fixtures and financial obligations for the following year. The financial obligations are deemed to be: Subscription for the following season; cost of balls for that season (if ordered by the club or if the minimum order has been made on their behalf); financial penalties as detailed in item 14 of the Constitution for failure to fulfil a fixture.

The affiliation fee for each new club shall be £5 per club. The annual subscription shall be £50 per team entered by member clubs. Subscriptions will be payable in advance before 1st December each year. In addition, each Premier Criteria Club shall pay £5 per annum towards the cost of professional ground inspection. Each club concerned will re- ceive a copy of the report.

PROTESTS (Excluding Discipline)
Any club lodging a protest or laying an objection shall deposit the same with the League Secretary, accompanied by a protest fee of £5 within 96 hours of the incident. The business shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee and if considered unjustified the protest fee shall be forfeited. Representatives of the clubs concerned shall not be eligible to sit on the Committee at the time of inquiry.

- Any club wishing to lodge a disciplinary complaint shall notify the League Secretary by telephone within 96 hours of the incident. The League Secretary shall contact interested parties requesting documentation which must be received within 7 days of such contact. The ECB Code of Conduct will be used as guidelines in disciplinary cases. - The Disciplinary Committee will normally meet a minimum of three times a year. - Any club or player wishing to appeal against a disciplinary decision against themselves shall notify the League Secretary by telephone within 7 days of receipt of the written decision. A player may only play 'under appeal' after written intent of appeal is received by the League Secretary. - An unsuccessful appeal may be subject to costs, to a maximum of £50.

Where a team cancels 3 or more matches in a season, a Cancellation Bond will be applied. This will be repaid after 2 years if no more than 3 matches are cancelled during that period. Should the cancellation criterion be breached, a team may be expelled from the league. Subject to the Executive Committee being satisfied as to the responsibility, the following scale of fines will be automatic:

  • Any team receiving a mark of less than 2 for tea on three of more occasions in a season will be subject to a fine of £50.
  • Failure to fulfil a fixture for reasons other than weather or by order of the Executive Committee - £20 plus reasonable out of pocket expenses of the opposition, which must be claimed in writing within 10 days followi ng the date of the cancelled match. In areas of dispute regarding the sum involved, the League Committee's decision shall be final and binding.
  • Failure to be represented at the AGM, any EGM, the annual Captains' meeting or the September Divisional meeting - £50.
  • Failure to submit completed match reports or score cards in accordance with Rules of Play (15) - £10 for non-submission or £5 for late submission
  • Failure to supply the required information to the relevant Divisional Results Secretary by the stated time on the evening of the match - as detailed on DRS page of current handbook.

The League Committee or any club may submit proposals for alteration of the rules for the following season. Notice of these shall be given in writing, to the League Committee and their findings thereon sent to all clubs in the League. Such proposals for recommendations shall be included on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting.

A bank account shall be kept in the name of 'The Berkshire Cricket League' at a bank approved by the League Com- mittee into which all monies received on behalf of the League shall be paid by the Treasurer or other officials responsi- ble. Accounts of payment will be certified by the Treasure and either the Chairman or Secretary. The accounts of the League shall be kept by the Treasurer and audited annually by Auditors appointed at the AGM. The Financial Year for the purpose of the audit shall be 30th September of each year. It is understood that all members of the League Com- mittee will be entitled to be indemnified for all legitimate costs and expenses incurred arising from the performance of their duties.

In the event of the League being wound up, a final statement of accounts will be prepared and audited. If these ac- counts reveal a deficiency/(surplus) every member club at the date of winding up and every club which ceased to be a member within a year preceding the date of winding up shall contribute/(receive) equally to clear the deficiency/(sur- plus)

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